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Pulmonary Division Walter Lab Assistant-Part Time Position

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Aurora, Colorado, United States

$20.00 Per hour Role Description

Nature of WorkThe Walter Lab at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center is seeking an hourly assistant to perform general non-technical tasks. This position does not require a scientific background. Tasks include assisting with ordering, tube labeling, organization, inventorying, and other organizational tasks. The assistant will work closely and directly with our scientific staff. She or he will therefore need excellent communication and interpersonal skills and a flexible attitude. She or he must adhere to the lab dress code, such as wearing a provided lab coat and safety glasses, while in the lab. Summary of Lab FocusOur focus is on the development of novel molecular measures of treatment response in TB based on M. tuberculosis RNA. TB remains the #1 cause of death from infection worldwide. There is an urgent need for new, shorter, more effective TB treatments. Our work addresses a central challenge in TB drug development and clinical trials: lack of accurate markers of treatment response that can be measured early in treatment. This is translational collaborative research in which the ultimate goal is a practical biomarker that will accelerate TB clinical trials. We use a variety of quantification methods (RT-qPCR, RNAseq, and droplet digital PCR) to study drug impact on M. tuberculosis in in vitro, murine, and human studies. Our goal is to identify patterns of pathogen RNA that are associated with specific drug exposures and with clinical outcomes such as patient relapse. This work integrates microbiologic insight into pathogen physiology with high-throughput transcriptional analysis and human clinical data. The Walter Lab is committed to the highest standards in research reproducibility and transparency. Examples of Work Performed· · A typical work period will consist of receiving orders, logging invoices, printing tubes of various size for next week’s lab experiments using a tube printer, organizing sample tubes, and interacting with a freezer management system.· The assistant will be responsible for maintaining inventory, preparing, and distributing reagents, and maintaining the tube printing instrument.· This position will receive supervision and the required training but is expected to work independently to fulfill the job requirements.· We anticipate the workload will be 20 hours per week. Scheduled hours are flexible. We anticipate the workload will be 10-20 hours per week. Scheduled hours are flexible. Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities· Must have a GED or high school diploma· Prior lab or laboratory coursework experience is not required but is a bonus.· Hard work and diligence required· Must be able to multi-task and stay organized· Ability to pay attention to detail and carefully follow specific protocols· Knowledge of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.)· Must be able to work in a team environment Contact: Dr. Karen RossmasslerResearch AssociateDivision of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care MedicineUniversity of Colorado Anschutz Medical [email protected] Chantal Underkofler, MSAssociate Director of Operations and Strategy Consortium for Applied Microbial MetricsDivision of Pulmonary Sciences and Critical Care Medicine [email protected]

This is a remote position.

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